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Timetables are an integral part of everyday living. They tell people how and when they can travel from one place to another. They date back to the very early days in Australia, and they have been produced in many different formats over time. They are critical to giving an understanding of how, where and when people travelled in the past, why towns and regional centres developed, and how metropolitan areas grew.

Train Times website

The Train Times website for Australian and New Zealand Train Timetables was developed and maintained by ATA member Victor Isaacs until his death in October 2019.

It is a monumental work. It contained indicative timetables for all passenger train services in Australia and New Zealand, including suburban services in large cities, country services and interstate services.

As well as train timetables, it lists all the stations and important locations along each line, their distance from the start of the line, the height of the location, and the opening dates of each section of the line. The website contains a wealth of valuable and interesting information. For this reason, the website has been retained. Although it has not been possible, yet, to find someone to update the timetable information, it is hoped that his can be done at some time in the future.

Link to Train Times Passenger Trains of Australia and New Zealand