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From its very beginning, the Association has published regular magazines and information documents. The format has changed over time but they have always maintained the objective of propagating an interest in timetables and information about them.


The latest auction catalogue is June 2024 with a theme of Australian tram books. The front covers are available for viewing (1-24, lots 25-43 and lots 44-51)

The ATA Auction Catalogue is one of two distribution service documents that the Association publishes each month.  The other one is the Distribution List.

Qantas Aug 1986

Each month ATA Auctions provide the opportunity to buy and sell rare and historic timetables and other material.  Anyone can place bids in the Auctions.  Also, anyone can submit items for inclusion in the Auctions.  The Auctions are a significant source of revenue to contribute to the cost of ATA projects.

Each Auction lists material on a particular topic, such as: timetables for a particular mode of travel; timetables from a particular country, state or operator; maps and brochures; and transport books.  Usually the items are more than 20 years old.

The Auction Catalogue is included with the members mailout each month: go to Membership.  It is also available on this website.

Each Lot in the Catalogue has a full description of its title, format and size with a reserve price.  The rules for the conduct of the action are included in the Catalogue.  Bids can be made by email or by post to the Auctioneer. The closing date for bids us usually the 20th day of each month. 

The procedure for processing the bids and allocating the winning bids is also explained in the Catalogue.  All bidders are notified, preferably by email, of the result of their bids.  Winning bidders are advised of the cost of their bids as well as the cost of postage.  The Lots are posted promptly after payment has been received.

Anyone can submit items for inclusion in the Auctions. They can be submitted as a donor or as a vendor.

Firstly, contact the Auctioneer at and discuss what you have to offer and the arrangements that need to be made.

If you wish to donate timetables or transport books to the ATA Auctions, the Association will offer to pay for the cost of postage.

If you wish to submit your items for the ATA Auctions as a vendor, you will receive 75% of the value of the winning bids.  ATA retains 25% as commission.  You will also pay for the postage to send the items to the Auctioneer.  Your items will be included in the next available Auction covering the appropriate topic.

Digital copies of past Auctions are available on this website. Go to Back Copies.

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