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About Us

The Australian Timetable Association is an active community organisation with a focus on promoting an interest in transport timetables and their preservation as historical documents.



Meetings of ATA members are held at various times and locations in most capitals. They allow members to meet others who share an interest in transport matters and to catch up with the latest news. Meetings also offer the opportunity to exchange interesting timetables and documents. Friends are always welcome at ATA meetings.


The meetings are arranged at a convenient time and place in order to meet members’ needs.

The meetings are arranged by the ATA member Robert Field. His email address is   and he can be contact by phone on (08) 8339 2065.


Meetings are held regularly at the residence of ATA member Brian Webber, 61/22 Towns Street, Mitchelton starting at 2pm on Saturdays. Please contact Brian for the dates of meetings on (07) 3354 2140.

The meetings discuss current transport matters and members exchange timetables.


The Canberra group is no longer meeting on a regular basis. Please contact ATA member David Cranney, by email .


The meetings will be held in 2024 on the second Saturday of March, July and November at 2.00pm at the home of ATA member David Hennell, 3/29 Croydon Rd, Surrey Hills which is a short walk from Chatham Station. David’s unit is the third one done the driveway. The next meeting will be at 2.00pm on Saturday 13th July 2024.

As usual, David will give an expert presentation on a railway history event that he has researched, and lively discussion will follow. This is a great opportunity for members to meet other members. We would especially encourage our new members from ARE to attend. For more details contact David on (03) 9830 1802.


There are currently no meetings in Sydney due to the inability to find a convenor.

Annual General Meeting

The ATA Annual General Meeting provides a great opportunity for members to meet each other and to discuss the activities of the Association with the Management Committee. The location of the AGM rotates each year around the capital cities. The 2024 AGM will be held in Canberra on the afternoon of Saturday 26 October 2024. 

Special Events

2023 marked the 40th anniversary of the founding of ATA.

Special events were organised to mark this milestone. A Celebration Dinner was held in conjunction with the AGM on 21 October 2023. Special historical articles were included in The Times during 2023.

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