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Timetables are an integral part of everyday living. They tell people how and when they can travel from one place to another. They date back to the very early days in Australia, and they have been produced in many different formats over time. They are critical to giving an understanding of how, where and when people travelled in the past, why towns and regional centres developed, and how metropolitan areas grew.

Timetable Links

People often need to now about the public transport services that are available in certain towns, cities or regions.

The lists in this website provide information about the who provides train, tram, coach, bus or ferry services in urban locations throughout Australia. The lists also provide the website address for each individual operator or government agency. Click on the website address and you will be taken directly to the website where you will be able to do your own search for the route and timetable information that you are looking for.

There are separate lists for interstate services and for the services in each state. Click on the heading that best suits you.



New South Wales and ACT



South Australia

Northern Territory

Western Australia

The lists are currently being compiled and will be added to the website as soon as possible