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From its very beginning, the Association has published regular magazines and information documents. The format has changed over time but they have always maintained the objective of propagating an interest in timetables and information about them.


The first Constitution of the Australian Association of Timetable Collectors was adopted on 6 May 1992 using a Constitution drawn up mainly by members Roger Wheaton and Graham Duffin.

A revised Constitution was adopted on 29 January 2003 when the Association became incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation in the State of Victoria.

Changes to the legislation and regulations in Victoria in 2012 required changes to be made to the Constitution. At the same time, the Association members voted to change the name to Australian Timetable Association.

The Association chose to adopt the Model Rules adopted by Consumer Affairs in Victoria (explanation of model rules from Consumer Affairs Victoria). It remained a non-for-profit organisation. This meant that it was not responsible for having to keep its Constitution up-to-date with any future changes to regulations – the Model Rules would automatically make these changes. The initial constitution using the model rules was adopted in October 2013 and the current version in 2024.

To use the model rules requires only the specification of the name, purpose and financial year into the first three sections and are listed below and the 2024 version is available as a PDF.

1 Name

The name of the incorporated association is “Australian Timetable Association Incorporated”.

2 Purposes

The purpose of the Association shall be to research, study and document the theory and practice of transport timetables both in Australia and other parts of the world as the membership may determine, and to undertake all such action that may be necessary to enable these purposes to be achieved, including:

  1. holding of meetings;
  2. publication of a journal or journals and other publications;
  3. contributing to other journals and co-operating with other Societies;
  4. provision of facilities to buy, sell or exchange timetables and associated documentation;
  5. purchase of such equipment as may from time to time be deemed necessary;
  6. the control of funds;
  7. the handling of property, and;
  8. do all other things conducive to furthering the defined purpose of the Association.

For the purposes of these rules and for the Association generally, timetable shall include any item that may be used to inform the public or employees of a transport operator (whether by land, water or air and carrying passengers, freight or both – with or without restrictions) of details of transport services, fares, method of operation or any other information pertaining to the provision or operation of transport services.

3 Financial year

The financial year of the Association is each period of 12 months ending on 30th June.

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