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About Us

The Australian Timetable Association is an active community organisation with a focus on promoting an interest in transport timetables and their preservation as historical documents.

What We Do


ATA meetings are held in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. They allow members to meet others who share an interest in transport matters and to catch up with the latest news. Meetings also offer the opportunity to exchange interesting timetables and documents. For details of meeting venues and contacts, go to Activities.


Two magazines are published each month. Table Talk contains the latest news of transport happenings, developments and timetables. The Times contains analyses and reviews of historical timetables and current transport operations, trends and issues. Both magazines welcome articles, letters and commentary from readers. For more details, go to Publications

Distribution Service

The Association runs a Timetable Distribution Service. Timetables, maps, brochures, manuals and current and historic material are published each month in a List that is distributed to members. For more details, go to Distribution List.


Each month ATA Auctions provide the opportunity to buy and sell rare and historic timetables and other material.  Anyone can place bids in the Auctions. Also, anyone can submit items for inclusion in the Auctions. For more details go to Auctions.

Members News

The President publishes a monthly Members News of ATA events, timetable information and members’ details. Members can contact the President and ask for their details or requests to be included. For more information, go to Contact Us.


The Times, Table Talk, Distribution List, Auction Catalogue and Members News are sent to each member on the first Monday of each month either by post or by email. Details of how to choose which option are given in Membership.


This website aims to promote an interest in timetables and encourage membership of the Association. It is regularly updated to keep it current. Suggestions for improvements the website may be sent to the Secretary. For details go to Contact Us.

National Timetable Collection

The Association’s major project is the Jack McLean National Timetable Collection. The aim is to collect and preserve, as far as is practical, a copy of every significant timetable issued for all Australian transport modes and deposit them for future research at the State Library of Victoria.  For more details go to National Timetable Collection.


2023 marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Association in September 1983.  Special events and activites are being organised to celebrate this milestone. For more details go to Activities.


The Association has a large range of timetables and transport books that are surplus to its requirements. These will be made available for sale in the near future when the appropriate lists and procedures have been set up. For more details, go to Sales.


The Association is able to respond to requests for information about particular timetables at specific locations at some time in the past. For more details contact the Archives Officer listed at Contact Us.


The Association maintains archives of its own publications in both print and digital formats.

It also retains an archive of significant timetables, particularly railway working timetables, in addition to the timetables that are deposited in the State Library of Victoria as part of the National Timetable Collection.

The Archives also include New Zealand train, tram, coach, bus and ferry timetables in the expectation that links with New Zealand will increase in the future.

The last printed timetables for several large overseas railway networks are also retained in the Association’s archives. These include:

  • The 4-volume Deuschebarn timetables set in 2009
  • The Austrian Railways network timetable in 20??

Details of the Association’s publications archives. This information is currently being prepared

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