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E-mail Contact List for ATA

At its most recent Committee Meeting, ATA adopted new e-mail addresses for our contact list. These addresses are “depersonalised”, but our Webmaster has arranged for all e-mail to these new addresses to be re-directed to the personal e-mails of the persons concerned. This will give continuity over the years. If and when a “position” changes hands, the Webmaster will ensure that the redirection is altered accordingly.

The new addresses will replace the old ones formerly appearing in all of our publications – Table Talk, The Times, Distribution List, Members News, Auction Catalogue, Membership renewal and application forms, official notices such as those for the AGM and on the web-site itself. [The Times and our Treasurer have been using their new addresses for some months now- so we know it works!]

This change takes effect from December 1st 2016 — as you can see from this month’s mail-out. Please use these new addresses for all of your communications to ATA.

The individuals behind these new addresses still have their personal e-mail addresses of course. Continue to use those for your personal e-mail correspondence with them.

Recipient E-mail address
Times Editor
ATA Treasurer
ATA President
Table Talk Editor
Membership Officer
Distribution List Manager
ATA Secretary

Geoff Lambert For Hilaire Fraser - President (December 2016)

Changes to ATA Auction

Currently, Geoff Hassall receives and processes bids and Len Regan prepares the catalogue, manages the finances and dispatches items to successful bidders. This is only an interim arrangement until a new auctioneer can be found. We would encourage one of our members to take up the role of auctioneer and the format of the auction can be negotiated with them. Len Regan, or 0409 209 114 can outline the job description to any interested members. As we don’t have a permanent auctioneer our committee at its November meeting decided that auctions would take place as required, rather than monthly. Auctions would concentrate on vendor material and quality donations. Recent experience has found that some items passed over at auctions readily receive buyers when listed as limited stock items on the Distribution List and some donated material will be listed on the Distribution List rather than the auction, thus a partial merger of the auction and Distribution List will take place. Also we expect that some donated material will go to the National Timetable Collection. Len or Geoff or 02 4955 9013 can assist if you have material for the auction.

Hilaire Fraser, President (December 2016)

Distribution Service

The Distribution Service is an important function of the ATA. A number of members obtain items and I prepare the list each month with the assistance of Len Regan who handles the majority of items. Peter Hobbis receives orders and emails those who have various items to send out. Len does the massive job of handling the financial side with many having accounts so that more money or refunds are not required when an account is adjusted, such as for limited items. This year we have found bulk supplies difficult to obtain as transport authorities often only provide operators with limited numbers of timetables. Consequently some current timetables have become limited items on the Distribution List. Also many timetables only appear in electronic form. Some operators have completely ignored mail or email requests. We are thankful to regular contributors such as Paul Brown, Scott Ferris, Frank Goldthorpe, Stephen Gray, Michael Marshall, John Mikita, Len Regan, Peter Walhouse and David Whiteford among others. Townsville member Les Hyland was in Adelaide and obtained sets of the new January 2016 timetables for Peter Hobbis to distribute.

Hilaire Fraser, President (November 2016)

Jack McLean National Timetable Collection

Considerable progress was made during 2015-16 on preparing to make large deposits of timetables to the Jack McLean National Timetable Collection in the State Library of Victoria. After the initial sorting and grouping of material, the emphasis has been on indexing timetables to accompany the deposits. This has exposed some concerns about the indexing format and content which are currently being resolved with the Library. Material for the Collection is held in both Sydney and Melbourne, and more collections were donated to the ATA for the Collection during the year. We currently have 14 large donations which are being processed for the Collection. At this stage, priority is being given to indexing and depositing railway public timetables. When the current batch of indexing is completed, the file for all the timetables deposited with the Library will be available for ATA members. This will present a wonderful opportunity for members who may wish to research timetables for private interest or with the view to publishing. If you can assist with the National Timetable Collection please contact our Archives Officer Len Regan, phone 0409 209 114.

Hilaire Fraser, President (October 2016)

Report of 2016 AGM

The AGM was held at the Brisbane Tramway Museum Ferny Grove on Saturday August 13, 2016. About twenty people where present including museum staff and family members. Following the meeting tram rides were enjoyed. Our thanks to Brisbane Convener Brian Webber and Brisbane members for hosting the AGM. The new committee comprises President: Hilaire Fraser, Vice President: Victor Issacs, Secretary: Geoff Lambert, Treasurer: Len Regan and Committee Members Nicole Buckley, Geoff Hassall, Alex Sims, Michael Smith and Roger Wheaton. The committee members come from Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide, Canberra and Yea. Peter Hobbis did not seek re-election. However, Peter continues as the Distribution List Manager. We thank Peter for his contribution to the committee. Geoff Hassall no longer wishes to act as auctioneer but will receive and process bids until a new auctioneer is found. Len Regan will dispatch items to successful bidders for the time being. We thank Geoff for being our auctioneer for several years. We welcome Alex Sims to the committee. The Adelaide Division have been invited to host the AGM and Roger Wheaton is to consult with other Adelaide members, otherwise the next AGM will be in Sydney as per the usual rotation.

(August 2016)

ATA Facebook

ATA is on Facebook at Paul Brown keeps this up- to-date with association and timetable news. Once you have connected to our Facebook page ATA information appears in your news feed. Our thanks to Paul Brown.

Mailing Dates for ATA

Since earlier in 2016, the mailing dates for ATA have been the first Monday of the month. Electronic mailing dates are 2-3 days later to ensure everything lands at your house on the same day. Variations are due in:

  • October 2016 - Tuesday 4th October 2016.
  • January 2017 - Monday 16th January 2017.

Rules for variations are:

  • January - delayed by printers’ holidays
  • NSW Public holiday on the mailing date, delay to the next working day.

Deadlines for contributions for ATA mailouts

Deadlines for print ready material to the production manager are the Sunday at least 8 days before the Mailing date, e.g. November 2016 mailing date is Monday, 7th November, so print ready magazines are due by Sunday 30th October. Editors of individual publications (The Times, Table Talk) will set their own earlier deadlines prior to this date.