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May 2019

2019-2020 Membership Renewal

You will have received your 2019-2020 membership renewal via a separate e-mail from the Membership Officer. A non-personalised renewal form can be found HERE. Our 2019-2020 Membership Fees are unchanged, that is $60.00 for a normal membership. Please renew your membership promptly to ensure that you continue to receive ATA journals and mail-outs.

2019 Annual General Meeting

The 2019 ATA Annual General Meeting will be hosted by the Canberra Division and will be held on Saturday 19 October at 2pm in the offices of Transit Graphics in centre of Canberra. Rides on the new light rail system and inspections of the National Library are being arranged as pre-meeting activities.

Distribution List Report

The Distribution List continues to perform well with about twenty orders each month. The April List received eight orders for the set of three recent Rover Coaches, Cessnock timetables. Sydney Trains Working Timetables are also popular. The May List will contain sets of recent Red Bus, The Entrance timetables as well as Port Stephens Coaches, Ballina and Lismore bus timetables. Also included is the Transport Canberra Holiday Bus Timetable booklet which was effective from 24 December 2018 to Friday 11 January and a fascinating set of nine guides to walking and cycling in Canberra. We thank Rover Coaches and Transit Graphics for the supply of these timetables and guides.

Hilaire Fraser, President

April 2019

Scans of South African Railway Timetables

Member Tony McIlwain has drawn our attention to a fascinating new website which contains reproductions of old South African railway timetables. Timetables included are Cape Government Railways Midland System (based on Port Elizabeth) Working Timetable 1882, South African Railways Public Timetable 1949 (a very big document!), SAR Public TT 1987, SAR colourful front covers of Public TTs 1949 to 1987. Timetables include connecting trains to South West Africa, Bechuanaland, Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia, Belgian Congo and Portuguese East Africa. We promote this website with the permission of Grant Slater, the compiler of the site, and acknowledge his work. Grant states that more timetables will be added.

SAR timetables may prompt the writing of an article or series of articles for “The Times”. Access to these The timetables are fascinating social and political documents as well as a listing of train times.

Hilaire Fraser, President

Rail and Tram Books offered for Sale by Tender

Included are some rare and “collectable” books, the earliest of which was published in 1935-36, and some reference books dating back to 1952. A few have inscriptions or other minor markings. For a detailed list and information on this sale by tender, please email or write to Dale Budd, PO Box 7104, Yarralumla ACT 2600.

March 2019

Report of the ATA Committee Meeting Wednesday 20 February 2019

It is very pleasing that financially the ATA continues to perform well. Our balance sheets are similar to the same time last year with some additional reduction in expenditure. 2019-2020 membership fees will not increase and will remain unchanged, that is sixty dollars for a normal membership. We welcome new member Domenic Haby and Flynn Hogan who has reactivated his membership after a time overseas. Steven Haby’s contribution to “Table Talk” is very much appreciated. In the February edition, the bus news was bigger that the rail news and four colour pages better displayed aspects of bus news. In the auction rail timetables continue to be popular while bus timetables get little interest. Work continues on the sorting and cataloguing the National Timetable Collection at Prahran Mechanics’ Institute. The State Library User Organisation Council will hold a seminar on Saturday 3 August 2019 at 1.15pm on the National Timetable Collection, which the State Library of Victoria regards as being unique in that it is a large comprehension collection on a specific item. ATA members Steven Haby, Len Regan Andrew James, John Mikita and David Hennell are to be presenters. ATA members will be very welcome. Saturday October 19 was set as the date for the Annual General Meeting. This year’s meeting will be held in Canberra and provide the opportunity for delegates to ride the Gungahlin light rail line due to open in late March or April. The meeting venue will be the offices of TransitGraphics close to the city centre. The next committee meeting is set for May 15.

Hilaire Fraser, President

February 2019

Network Changes

With Sydney Buses Eastern Network changes effective 2nd December 2018 services operating from Sydney CBD as 301 Eastgardens via Eastlakes, 302 Eastgardens via West Kensington and 303 Sans Souci via West Kensington & Eastlakes commenced and terminated at Redfern Station. Surry Hills was now served by new 304 Circular Quay to Rosebery. Similarly 310 Railway Square-Eastgardens via East Botany was replaced by 307 Mascot Station-Port Botany via East Botany & Eastgardens. Thus some suburban services are operating as rail feeders rather than running through to the city. With Adelaide Metro Changes effective 27 January 2019 route 224 City-Elizabeth via Salisbury Highway is now mainly a feeder service Mawson Lakes Station-Elizabeth and route 750 Colonnades-Sellicks Beach is now mainly a feeder service to Seaford Station- Sellicks Beach. The Colonnades is the major shopping centre in the Noarlunga region south of Adelaide and now these two longer services act as feeders to a nearby station. If current through bus services from the Sydney CBD to the Hills District operate as feeders to the new Sydney North-West Metro from mid-2019, a journey to the city would involve both a bus/Metro and a Metro/Sydney Trains change. The creation of Sydney 304 mentioned above demonstrates another Sydney network development, simplifying the network, in this case 301/2/3 have been replaced by 304 through Surry Hills. On 23rd September 2018, services along Sydney’s Bondi Rd between Bondi Jct and Bondi Beach were simplified with 333 380 381 382 slimmed down to 333 and 380 although 381 still operates down Bondi Rd to Tamarama, rather than Bondi Beach. Thus 361 Bondi Jct-Tamarama via Birrell St was withdrawn leaving only one route on Birrell St namely 360 Bondi Jct-North Clovelly. Thus redirecting buses to train stations and simplification of the network are two interesting developments of interest to analysts of timetables.

Hilaire Fraser, President

January 2019

The Year Ahead

2019 promises to be a very interesting year for those of us interested in transport infrastructure. Canberra will have a new light rail line 12 kilometres in length from the City Centre to Gungahlin. This line is due to open early in 2019, if not before, on April 27 when a new complementary bus network will be in place. This new network will comprise ten high frequency rapid routes, including the light rail line, compared with four rapid routes at present. The 2019 ATA AGM will be held in Canberra and AGM delegates will be able to ride the new line. Newcastle in due to have a light rail line 2.7 kilometres in length set to open in early 2019. This line will operate from Newcastle Interchange at Wickham to Newcastle Beach. This line will have batteries which will be recharged at each stop rather than overhead powerlines. Some bus routes will be cut back to feed the light rail vehicles at Newcastle Interchange. As early as May the new Sydney Metro Line from Chatswood to Rouse Hill (Tallawong) could open. This line will comprise 19 kilometres of new railway from Epping to Tallawong and conversion of the existing Epping Chatswood Rail Link to automated metro operation. At the time of opening metro train will feed the existing Northern Line at Epping and North Shore Line at Chatswood. With present planning this metro line will be extended under Sydney Harbour into the Sydney CBD and beyond to incorporate the existing Bankstown Line. A new bus network will commence at the time of operation of the new line. I would like to see routes numbered with a NW prefix say NW1 to NW30 to give the new network its own identity. At the ATA Committee Meeting in November 2018, we decided to change the domain name in all the ‘official’ email addresses from to For example I can be contacted at Any emails that still use austta will be redirected to the new domain name.

Hilaire Fraser, President